Check Out the NYC CFF 2016 Winners!!


1st Screening  2PM – 4:30PM
  • “Tricky Bidness” by JoAnn Schuch (TRT: 1:10:00)
    • Growing marijuana has long been accepted in Humboldt County, California. But the residents of the small city of Arcata have come to realize that its biggest unregulated industry has some unexpected consequences to the environment and the community.
  • “Summer of the Cans” by Tocha Alves (TRT: 1:00:00)
    • Few summers are so remarkable to deserve a title, but the Brazilian summer of 1987/88 became “The Summer of the Can”, after thousands of cans containing 1.5 kg of high-quality Thai marijuana surfaced along the hippest beaches of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, unraveling amazing criminal, economic and behavioral events.


    2nd Screening  5PM-7:30PM
    • “More Than Just Grass” by Sarah Simpson (TRT: 13:29)
      • A comedy about two young women who decide to try drugs for the first time, but things don’t go according to plan.
    • “Trippin’ With the Folks” by Meghan Weinstein (TRT: 14:00)
      • Kenny, a recent art school graduate and stoner, takes acid with his raver girlfriend right before his parents surprise him for a visit.
    • “Jef Needs Ice Cream” by Dave Conte (TRT: 10:45)
      • Jef Needs Ice Cream is a short film about a guy named Jef who goes to his recently-deceased friend Brad’s apartment to smoke all of his weed before his parents come to collect his things.
    • “Gray Area” by Dasha Lushnikova (TRT: 15:00)
      • She tries to buy CBD oil at a dispensary but doesn’t have a prescription. The boy next door just might be able to help. When it comes to medical marijuana in Canada – it’s a gray area.
    • “Board” by Adam Volerich (TRT: 12:09)
      • After his stash is stolen by a shady client, pot-dealing Ricky is thrust on a hazy journey to Coney Island to get it back.
    • “Bossman” by Theresa Varga (TRT: 10:00)
      • A spaced out but wildly imaginative stoner goes on a quest to the seek the truth about “Bossman” a local chicken shop owner and his secret chicken shop plans that seem out of this world.
    • “Tomatoes” by William Levin (TRT: 1:00)
      • Animated short for Advanced Nutrients about “Tomatoes”.
    • “Recalculating” by Diane Fredel-Weis (TRT: 6:30)
      • A night out for two stoners takes an unexpected turn when their GPS goes haywire from a contact high.
    • “The Real Cannabis Culture – The Emerald Cup” by Chloe Addleman (TRT: 6:54)
      • “The Real Cannabis Culture” is a short documentary featuring some of the industries most credible influencers. Centered around the Emerald Cup, the largest outdoor cannabis competition in the world, we take a deeper look into the medicinal and advocacy aspects of the culture.
    • “Super Fun With Learning” by Lexie Kahanovitz (TRT: 17:00)
      • A psychedelic sci-fi kids show for adults about how we’re inheriting a mess the size of a planet and how our electronics are changing us.


    3rd Screening  8PM-10PM
    • “Dark Harvest” by James Hutson (TRT: 1:32:00)
      • A marijuana grower (Carter, James Hutson) and his mentor’s (Ricardo, Cheech Marin) illegal marijuana trade is broadsided by the murder of Carter’s best friend. The ensuing homicide investigation lead by suspended and implicated throwback narcotics officer (Bernie, A.C. Peterson) tangles with Carter and Ricardo’s transition to legalized pot.

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Check Out the NYC CFF 2016 Winners!